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Scan to BIM & Revit Modelling-  Topographic Surveys  -Floor Plans  -  Elevations  -  CAD Visualisations / more

35 Years of Surveying

City Hall, The GLA BuildingThe Great Court Project, British MuseumAlbion Riverside, BatterseaLion Plaza, Threadneedle Street more

We are affiliated by:

- Construction Site Engineering Surveys

- Rail, London Underground, etc, Surveys

- 3D Movement & Deformations Monitoring

- Topographic / Land Surveys

- Measured Building & Net Lettable Area or IPMS Surveys

- Building Information Modelling (BIM)

- Mobile Mapping Surveys

- Refinery / Plant Laser Scan Surveys

- Refinery / Plant Critical Fit up Surveys

- Middle East Projects

- 3D Laser Scanning / Leica TruView Examples

- 3D CAD Modelling, Visualisations & Animations